Welcome to Empire Mambo’s first Kids Dance Program.

We have worked extremely hard to finally bring this about and it’s finally happening. We are super excited!!!!! The best part is – all of the first classes are completely FREE!!!!!

We will be hosting an open house on January 15th from 10AM – 3PM!

Come and check out what we have in store for your children this upcoming year!

Our Teachers

SNS Steven and Steff

Joining the team teaching our new kids dance program is Steven and Steffani, also known as SNS.

They both have been studying and training in dance of various styles for over 10 years individually.  

Steven began his dancing at the age of 13 starting with hip hop and eventually moving into all styles of dance including all Latin styles and modern dance as he grew into his adult years. 

Steffani began dancing ballroom at the age of 12  and started to explore other styles including, hip hop, all styles of Latin dance and modern dance as she continued to grow into her adult years. 

Together combined Steven and Steffani have worked with kids and adults of various ages to introduce them to dance.  From after school programs, to dance studio children and adult programs, SNS together have been working as a unit to create work for everyone to enjoy for the past 6 years.  Join us in welcoming our new members.

Nathalia Raigosa

Was born and raised in Medellin, Colombia. She trained at the Ballet Folkloric of Antioquia where she learned ballet and traditional Colombian dances. She later started dancing latin dances at the age of 10. At 17 she moved to North Carolina where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Dance at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. She learned modern dance techniques and learn about performance, choreography and teaching. Meanwhile she was also a head teacher at Planet Ballroom and founded the non-profit Folklore Colombian where she gave kids the opportunity to learn her Colombian culture through dance. She also lived in New York where she did two productions of “In the Heights”. She then moved to Dubai where she was the principal dancer at B.N.F. and thought classes for kids and adults for over 2 years. She recently moved back to New York and joined the N.D.I. family where she is currently teaching. She is also part of the Empire Mambo family where she fallow her passion for Latin dances

Empire Mambo’s Kids Dance program is offering:

What to expect?

Showcases, music tempo training, body awareness, dance class etiquette and more!

We will offer a large variety of complementary activities and services to provide our students with an artistic and dance
all-encompassing experience.

So, are you ready? We are so excited to start now!

Please, click on JOIN US – EM KIDS PROGRAM

We will contact you with more information after you sign up!

The countdown has already begun! See you soon.

Welcome to our world!